The Street Fighter Series, on GameBoy – Fossil Arcade

It’s Friday, time for another Fossil Arcade! This week it’s all about Street Fighter, on GameBoy. Everything from 1995 to 2003. Check this out if you never tried the Arcade Classic on the go, or if you’re a cartridge collector who needs to know more, or maybe just for nostalgia’s sake!

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Golden Axe I & II OST by DATA-DISCS – Review

Working in conjunction with Sega of Japan, Golden Axe I & II is the seventh release from London based team, DATA-DISCS.

Beginning in May 2015, DATA-DISCS have been publishing remastered soundtracks from Sega’s glory days to classic vinyl records. These collections are sourced directly from the Sega Archive and occasionally feature new or never before heard material from the original composures. So far, this dream-team has published Streets of Rage 1 & 2, OutRun and Shenmue, as well as others. Continue reading

SONY purportedly offer Daniel Craig $150million to stay as Bond

A media news site mostly known for celebrity gossip, ‘Radar Online‘, has claimed Sony are offering Daniel Craig up to $150million to keep playing James Bond through to 2018.

Craig has often been vocal about his discomfort in the role. After the release of Spectre, Craig was quoted saying he’d “slash” his own wrists than return for a further film, and that it would “be only for money”.

However, despite these public comments from Bond himself, Sony doesn’t seem coy about their need to keep the 007 franchise as a secure tent-pole. Continue reading

MARVEL Bulletin – Recapping Tony Stark’s road to Civil War

By Graeme

Tony Stark Civil War

With CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR releasing this weekend in the UK, we refresh our knowledge of Marvel’s most consistent anchor and examine what has lead Tony Stark to stand by the Superheroes Registration Act in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[NOTE: This article contains mild spoilers for Civil War – the comic book event, and MCU movies leading up to but not including Captain America: Civil War] Continue reading