Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Review

I’ve been trying to learn Street Fighter V since getting a PS4 back in April 2017, and after almost a year, what I’ve learned is that no matter how bad I am, I can always do a little bit worse. I say this in good humour of course (thinly veiled self-hatred), but my point is, Street Fighter is a series that’s as fun as it is brutal. As much as the failures hurt, the victories are absolutely delicious, which always keeps players coming back.

But it isn’t just me who’s had to swallow their pride over ‘SFV‘. The game’s release didn’t represent Capcom’s finest hour back in 2016. Despite favourable reviews, the game received back-lash for a lack of content, which even Series Producer Yoshinori Ono couldn’t ignore…

“In terms of game modes, we all know that we didn’t put out a complete product, in a way that is a learning experience.” – Yoshinori Ono, 2016

Now in 2018, Capcom is aiming to relaunch SFV for both veteran players and new comers as Street Fighter V Arcade Edition! To find out why this matters and what exactly is on offer, read on below…

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Nintendo Switch Presentation Event Predictions Podcast

By Alex & Graeme

Alex & Graeme share their predictions for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Presentation event on the 13th January including their thoughts on launch game lineup, price and their must-haves for the new system.


Download MP3 here.

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List of PlayStation 4 Pro enhanced games on launch day released

Ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro on the 10th November, Sony have released a list of titles that will be enhanced on launch day. These titles will see various enhancements including 4K support, HDR support, higher frame rates and improved graphics for non-4K displays. The PlayStation VR games listed below will also see enhancements with higher frame rates and resolution set to improve.  Continue reading