Nintendo Switch Presentation Event Predictions Podcast

By Alex & Graeme

Alex & Graeme share their predictions for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Presentation event on the 13th January including their thoughts on launch game lineup, price and their must-haves for the new system.


Download MP3 here.

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Nintendo Switch Reveal – Reaction

Today, on 20th October 2016, Nintendo revealed it’s next console iteration, in the form of ‘Nintendo Switch‘. As heavily rumoured throughout the year, the new system will aim to bridge the gap between home console and handheld system, capable of both high-end portable gaming and Full-HD gameplay via Television.


Handheld + Home Console, Nintendo Switch

The design of the ‘Switch‘ is similar to the Wii U GamePad, except this time all the processing power comes from the portable handheld system, with it’s own built-in screen. Additionally, thanks to a TV-Docking station and the unit’s detachable controls, the Switch can become both ‘hard-core’ home console or portable playhouse, depending on your lifestyle. Read on for a brief account of my reactions, thoughts and opinions… Continue reading