Fire Emblem Direct Round-Up

A Nintendo Direct focused on all future Fire Emblem plans aired online on 18th February. With full updates on previously announced titles and a few real surprises, it was a packed 20 minutes for fans of the RTS franchise.

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Pokémon Go Plus Update Goes Live [0.37.0/1.7.0]

A new update for Pokémon Go has been released, adding a handful of new features and fixes (full list below), included support for Pokémon Go Plus, retailing at £34.99.

‘Plus’ is a wearable accessory that allows players to interact with the game, without needing to access their mobile phone. The device was previously delayed, but now set to launch on 16th September. Continue reading

Niantic Reveal Pokémon Go for Apple Watch

Along with Nintendo and Super Mario Run, Niantic CEO John Hanke also took the stage to announce Apple Watch functionality for Pokémon Go. This is a supplemental mode for the main game, giving you stats and information about nearby Pokemon as well as your own exercise for the duration of play. Players will still need to use their iPhone or iPads to catch the Pokémon spotted.


It’s good to see Niantic are still rolling out their planned updates for Pokémon Go.


Apple Night Shift Mode Review

By Alex

Apple Night Shift

With the recent release of iOS 9.3 on 21st March came Apple’s solution to a good night’s sleep, Night Shift. When activated on an Apple device, Night Shift changes the colours on the screen towards the warmer end of the spectrum to reduce blue light and eye strain for the user. I’ve been using this feature for about a week and here are my thoughts… Continue reading