Black Panther Review Podcast (Contains Spoilers)

by Alex & Graeme

Alex & Graeme review and discuss Marvel’s Black Panther film.


Did you enjoy Black Panther, has it got you counting down the days until Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know in the comments below!

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Star Wars The Last Jedi Review Podcast (Contains Spoilers)

By Alex & Graeme

Alex & Graeme review and discuss Star Wars The Last Jedi as well as providing their predictions for Episode 9.


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Suicide Squad Extended Cut Announced

Warner Bros. have released a teaser trailer for the Suicide Squad home release, advertising a new ‘extended cut’ on Blu-ray and Digital Download.

Suicide Squad received a less than warm reception when released earlier this year, although it did make a comfortable profit at the box office. However, it would appear the Studio intend to improve on people’s perception of the film, and ‘hopefully’ generate more revenue from the project with this version. Trailer below… Continue reading