Fire Emblem Direct Round-Up

A Nintendo Direct focused on all future Fire Emblem plans aired online on 18th February. With full updates on previously announced titles and a few real surprises, it was a packed 20 minutes for fans of the RTS franchise.

Read on for the full details and video…

Summary of Announcements

Fire Emblem Echoes – Shadows of Valentia

Just when you thought the Nintendo 3DS would be left to rot along with the Wii U, there was the surprise announcement of a new series installment for the system!

Arriving 19th May, ‘Echoes’ is a remake of the second Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Gaiden, originally for Nintendo Famicom and not previously released outside of Japan.

The story follows Alm and Celia, as they fight for the divided nation of Valentia, with amiibos of both characters arriving the same month as the game. This is looking like a return to the series more traditional roots, after capturing new fans with lighter releases in recent years.

Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch

As a slightly less surprising announcement, but no less welcome, Nintendo confirmed the development of a main series game for Nintendo Switch, due for release in 2018. No title or further information was offered, but it’s definitely exciting to know what’s planned behind the scenes.

Fire Emblem Warriors

After being previously announced at the Nintendo Switch Tokyo Press Conference on 12th January, we were shown an ever-so-slightly longer trailer for the Dynasty Warriors spin-off game (taking notes from the 2015 Zelda spin-off Hyrule Warriors).

Not many new details could be gleamed from this short snippet of game-play, but it’s definitely Dynasty Warriors, with Fire Emblem stuff in it.

As an unexpected reveal, it was confirmed ‘FE Warriors’ would be released on the ‘NEW Nintendo 3DS’ systems as well as the Nintendo Switch, meaning no fan will be left wanting. It’s an interesting choice, as this could be seen as causing both systems to compete with each other. On the other hand, this does mean more fans will get a piece of the action, and it’s worth noting that this spin-off (like any) is ultimately produced to enforce the series brand presence and introduce new fans to the franchise.

Releasing on multiple systems aids that goal. it’s also nice to see the 3DS alive an well, even with Switch on the horizon.

‘Fire Emblem Warriors’ is slated for an Autumn 2017 release window.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Finally, we got a lengthy look at ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ for Smart Devices. Releasing on Android and iOS 2nd February (with iPad support coming later), ‘Heroes’ is a pay-to-play ‘Fire Emblem-lite’ edition of the main series games.

Much like ‘FE Warriors’, the game will feature many popular characters from throughout the series’ history, coming together to fight for a common goal. By earning or purchasing Orbs, you can unlock more classic characters with a degree of random chance.

The game looked fun and well put together, but undeniably a watered down version, designed to catch the attention of those not familiar with Fire Emblem already.

…And that was everything we saw! Overall, this was a fantastic Direct, leaving no stone unturned for Fire Emblem fans. ‘Echoes’ looks set to rekindle the old style of play from the series roots, while the promise of a full HD Fire Embelm title for the Switch is just as exciting. ‘Fire Emblem Warriors’ has the potential to reintroduce some more classic characters, locations and scenarios. Releasing on both Nintendo systems could be a smart move for creating new fans, as is ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ on Mobile.

What did you think of the Direct? Let us know below and stay turned for more on these games and Nintendo Switch.



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