New Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer – More Z-Moves, More Ultra Beasts!

For what must surely be the last time before it’s international release in Japan and North America on 18th November (23rd for Europe), Pokémon Sun & Moon has received another trailer!

This time we’re introduced to the Starter Pokémon’s exclusive Z-Moves as well as two new Ultra Beasts. See below for our round-up and reactions…

Decidueye’s Z-Move is shown first, Sinister Arrow Raid! Presumably a Grass-Type Z-Move, as it’s shown taking out Primarina’s  with full HP at Level 50. A shower of arrows surround Decidueye and rain down on the opponent.


Malicious Moonsault is Incineroar’s exclusive Z-Move. Taking the form of a powerful bodyslam in the centre of a wrestling ring, this move shows off Incineroar’s true nature.


The last Starter Z-Move isOceania Operetta, an epic water attack, with Primarina generating an enormous bubble of water energy that fully engulfs the enemy Pokémon.


As revealed many times before, one Z-Move can be used per-battle. With such devastating effects, it would appear that when used correctly, a Z-Move can guarantee you a full knock-out from your opponent’s Pokémon. This is sure to change the meta-game a great deal, and we’ll see those effects quickly as the first World Championship Qualifiers for 2017 take place in London in December this year.

As far as game challenge is concerned though, it remains to be seen how much easier certain aspects of the story-mode will be given your ability to unleash such power attacks on enemies, albeit once per-battle.

Next up in the trailer, we get introduced to two new Ultra Beasts.

Unlike the previously shown UB-02 Beauty and UB-02 Extension, UB-03 Lightning and UB-05 Glutton would not appear to be exclusive to either version of the game, but available in both.

UB-03 Lightning, resembles some kind of demon shrub, with an imposing frame and distinctly menacing presence. Not much else has been shown or said about it so far.


UB-05 Glutton, a big fat fish-crab-nightmare-fuel type thing, makes a little more impact as it’s backed up with some info from the Pokémon Website.


This beast has an astounding appetite, and it will completely devour anything in front of its eyes. It’s said that it devours not only objects, but the ground, rivers, and even the seas!

Despite the abnormal amounts that this beast consumes, it’s said that it doesn’t produce any waste products. It’s possible that it’s completely converting everything it eats into energy to sustain itself, but the true details remain unknown.

It goes without saying that this fella likes to eat, as it has three mouths, with another smaller mouth inside it’s largest jaw. Not quite H.R Gigar but about as close as I’d want a Pokémon to be. Sorry, Ultra Beast.

Just before signing off with a large sizzle reel of everything we can expect in Sun & Moon, we get a formal reveal of Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio. These two were present in the game’s demo, so long as you knew where to look.


Diglett’s design is only subtly changed, with a tiny tuft of Blonde hair on it’s head. Dugtrio on the other hand has three full heads of hair.This design would appear to resemble a typical ‘surfer dude’ but some PokéFans have theorised that it is actually influenced by a regional Hawaiian legend. Both Pokémon gain a Steel-Type in addition to Ground.

Last but not least, we get another glimpse of Magearna, in game.


No info is given on how we’ll receive Magearna, we just see a player being given one as a free gift by an NPC beside as shop counter.

Overall, this trailer gave us a nice final look at the game before most players get their hands on it next week. Europe will have to wait a little longer, but it’ll surely be worth it given the wealth of new features and ideas waiting to be discovered!

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