Suicide Squad Extended Cut Announced

Warner Bros. have released a teaser trailer for the Suicide Squad home release, advertising a new ‘extended cut’ on Blu-ray and Digital Download.

Suicide Squad received a less than warm reception when released earlier this year, although it did make a comfortable profit at the box office. However, it would appear the Studio intend to improve on people’s perception of the film, and ‘hopefully’ generate more revenue from the project with this version. Trailer below…

From the trailer we can see a few new shots, mainly of Margot Robbie in her character’s ‘pre-Harley Quinn’ phase. What can be expected from that is debatable, but perhaps more back story will be provided for both her and the Joker. Good luck to anyone looking to pick this up at launch, it’s open for pre-order now.

It’s worth noting that unlike the additional cut for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this is only touted as an ‘extended cut’ rather than ‘ultimate’. So no sizeable improvement on the overall quality of the movie is being possible, nor should it be expected at this point.

@Fossil Arcade


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