Bloodstained Developers Recruit Mystery Extra Team

In their latest email update to their Kickstarter backers, Bloodstained Developers confirmed that publishers 505 Games would be handling the physical release of the game in 2017. 505 Games is a European company, which made it’s success with the Cooking Mama and Zumba franchises.

Bloodstained is a Kickstarter Project, being developed Artplay and Inti Creatures, the latter of which also developed Mighty No.9. As the most recent news on the game dealt with the project being delayed into 2018, the developers have announced they will be bringing on an extra work force to meet new deadlines. In a statement below…

If you look at what you saw here, that’s some of Inti, and some of us. But if you looked at the demo that out at E3 that everybody liked, that was Inti’s quality bar that they put forward and made. They are able to come out with high quality. However, to your point, one of the issues is that their style of building on a game, while it does tend to come up with high quality when they spend the time on it, they don’t necessarily have the true understanding of how to procedurally use the best tools in Unreal. Without being able to use those, you can’t create the game in the most efficient manner that you need to.

While we were working together to make sure it had everything in it, it was quite clear that we needed to bring in another team that is able to take that procedural know-how to be able to take something, copy it, use some random generation to populate an area in a more computer-driven way rather than people doing it all by hand. Without doing that, just the sheer size of what we’re trying to create would never be done on time. So bringing in someone to help like that is definitely necessary to make sure that we’re going to make the game at the right quality, but also hitting this new timeline.

We’re trying to be modern, and if there’s an official way to do something better than you should probably do it. Just thinking about the sheer size of what this game is, trying to go in and do everything by hand would obviously create – it would be beautiful, but it would create lots of delays and things like that.

What we can discern from this is that Inti Creatures will be taking a backseat in some roles, as another company handles work with the Unreal Engine, with which they’re purportedly more experienced with. The identity of this team, however, remains undisclosed for now.

Project creator, Koji Igarashi, was also recently asked about the status of the Wii U version of the game, given the lengthy delays. He had this to say…

“Yeah, it’s a very complicated problem. The reality is this: As timelines move on, certain pieces of hardware become irrelevant. Sometimes new pieces of hardware come out that make you think about what is the right strategy. And as a creator, usually you want to make stuff for the new hardware. That’s the reality.”

New Nintendo hardware is expected to be announced soon, with a release in early 2017. Despite the initial Kickstarter goals mentioning Wii U, it only makes sense for the developers to focus on making the best game they can, without restricting themselves to (soon to be) defunct hardware.

As a backer, and Wii U owner, I’m on board with this news. I hope the new development team is able to help Bloodstained meet it’s 2018 deadline, arriving on all the current generation hardware.

Stay tuned for more.

@Fossil Arcade

Watch the latest video update on the project, here.


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