10 videos to get you excited for the Playstation VR

By Alex


With less than two weeks until the launch of Playstation VR (October 13th to be exact) excitement and expectation are reaching fever pitch here at Pixel HQ. For anyone on the fence with PSVR or just wanting to keep up to date with all of the games on offer, we decided to put together this list of 10 videos to get you excited for the Playstation VR.

First up is an unboxing of the UK version of the PSVR. This shows off the snazzy packaging (move over Apple) and the huge host of cables included! Hopefully, many of us will be opening this package for ourselves on the 13th. A few differences between the European and American versions are the cleaning cloths (Euro version looks nicer than the bland US counterpart) and demo disc (Euro version has 8 demos and comes in a card sleeve whereas the US get 18 demos in a Blu Ray case).


This great little animation will show you how to connect all of the components of the Playstation VR together with that multitude of wires! Really useful if, like me, you were wondering just how many HDMI ports your TV would need (thankfully it’s still only 1).


Ocean Descent is the first game I intend to try out on the PSVR. With its scary setting and lack of controllers, this looks like the perfect introduction to VR and I can’t wait to experience it.


RIGS looks like one of the only launch titles to be a full console-scale game rather than a tech demo. With its competitive online multiplayer and superb mech design, I can see myself spending a lot of time on this game.


Who hasn’t dreamt of being Batman? This game lets you do just that, from playing the piano to reveal the secret entrance to the Bat Cave to donning the iconic cowl itself. There hasn’t been much footage revealed for this title but you can see what has been released in this video. I wish the game came bundled with the little bat ears!


This video will make you want Driveclub VR and I’m so pleased that it is now going to be a launch title. It will also make you want a steering wheel and pedals but they don’t come cheap…


EVE: Valkyrie is another launch title that will be a full length game, offering online multiplayer that is cross-platform between Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This is also a day one purchase for me.


This is a foreign language video but probably shows off the best extended look at Farpoint, the VR title from Impulse Gear that uses the Aim gun controller. Skip to 3:00 to see the game in action.


I’m still not entirely sure what Robinson The Journey is, a first person shooter? Adventure game? Whatever genre it is, this video gives you a good preview. I’m not too fussed on the climbing mechanics but everyone loves dinosaurs and this world looks very enticing to explore.


Lastly, a preview of the Playstation VR from someone that’s tried it. I’m looking forward to my very first experience of VR being at home rather than at a press event or in a game shop but I’m also a little envious of people that have already used it.


Hopefully these videos have piqued your interest in Playstation VR or gotten you even more excited for the release on the 13th October. Are you getting a PSVR? What games are you most looking forward to and which will you try first? Let us know in the comments below.


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