New Pokémon Trailer Showcases Customisation Options and Z-Moves

A new trailer has just been released for Pokémon Sun and Moon, which shows off deep outfit and hair customisation for player characters, as well as exclusive Z-Moves of Pikachu and Eevee, and four new Pokémon!

First off, two new Pokémon, one each for Sun and Moon Versions


Passimian is a Fighting-type, Lemur-like creature which seems inspired by American Football, as it uses a coconut like a ball to perform some attacks. It also has a new ability, Receiver, which lets it take on other Pokémon abilities if it’s partner faiths in a doubles battle. Passimian is exclusive to Sun.

Oranguru, based on an Orangutan, is a more stoic monkey with a Normal/Psychic duel typing. It has a new more, Intsruct, which allows it’s partner in double battles to attack using the same move twice. It can also use the ability, telepathy to avoid hits from it’s allies in doubles. Oranguru is exclusive to Moon.

Next is the western reveal of Rockruff’s evolutions, Lycanroc, which takes on a different form depending on which version you have. Sun will feature the Midday Form, and Moon the Midnight Form. It’s still unclear if you will be able to obtain both forms in each title, but it can be presumed that the time of day determines the transformation, permanent or otherwise.


We also get to see a lot more character customisation here than in previous footage. We’ve seen some hints that customisation would return in a big way, but now we know that not only will several new hair styles be available, you’ll also be able to change almost every aspect of your outfit. Hats, Accessories, Bags, Shirts, Trousers, Shorts and Skirts can all be swapped out letting you style your trainer anyway you like. As we saw in the original reveal trailer for Sun and Moon, skin colour can also be chosen at the start of the adventure.

Following the fashion show, we’re introduced to Sun and Moon‘s version of Pokémon Aimee, Pokémon Refresh. In Generation 6, Aimee was a way to interact with Pokémon to raise their affection for you, which would increase XP and attack power. Now, Refresh has expanded on that, allowing you to wash and pet your Pokémon to relive status conditions! This could be really helpful for curing a Monster’s ailments when far from a town or shop, and also serve as a more fluid way to gain your Pokémon’s trust and affections.

Finally, we get a closer look at Pikachu and Eevee’s exclusive Z-Move. As revealed previously, Z-Moves are special moves that can be performed once per-battle. Pikachu can learn ‘Catastropika‘, a super strong Electric-type move. Eevee on the other hand now has the move ‘Extreme Evoboost‘, which calls on the powers of all the Eeveelutions to boast all of Eevee’s states in a single move!

We got some lovely information from this trailer, as it’s great to see character customisation making a strong return. It’s was also cool to find out some of the version exclusive Pokémon, which might help players choose which game they’ll pick up in November.

Pokémon Sun and Moon arrives in Europe on the 23rd of November.


PS: Below we have a host of screens from the Japanese trailer too! The only difference was a quick look at the UB02 Ultra Beasts.


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