CoroCoro Reveals New Pokémon Information – Including UB02

Japanese gaming Magazine has published some new info from Pokémon Sun and Moon, set to release worldwide this November.

First we get a look at the evolution of previously announced Rockruff… Lugargan (Japanese name). Depending on the time of day, Rockruff with grow into different forms, pictured below…

The left image shows Lugargan’s form when evolved at night, while the Right side shows the result of evolving in the daytime. As previously shown in last week’s trailer, Sun and Moon Versions will take place 12hours apart, meaning players will have easier access to different certain Pokémon and forms depending on which version they choose. CoroCoro doesn’t tell us if there evolution forms are separate PokéDex entires, like ‘Eeveelutions‘, or just separate forms, like Meowstic for example.

it’s also been suggested by CoroCoro that Rockruff has a special connection to Alola’s three starter Pokémon. Could that mean something for their evolutions? We’ll see…

We also get our first look at UB02 (Ultra Beast), and again we’re seeing some version differences coming to light. UB02 will take two forms, with the one you meet dependent on the game version you play.

UB02EXPANSION will appear in Pokémon Sun, while UB02BEAUTY will appear in Moon.

It’s not a lot of new information, but still very intriguing. It’s good to see the games will be fully embracing the idea of two separate time zones between the versions.




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